Instruments and Rentals

Families may choose to rent an instrument directly from Laraway School for a one-time fee $45 for the entire school year. The rental fee covers basic maintenance of wear and tear. Available instruments will be rented on a first come, first served basis.

The $45 rental fee does not cover repairs beyond normal wear and tear, or if the instrument is lost or stolen.
Major repairs and replacement are at the cost of the renter.

Recommended Instrument Brands
Flute – Gemeinhardt, Armstrong, Yamaha, Selmer
Clarinet – Buffet, Yamaha, Selmer
Alto Saxophone – Selmer, Yamaha, Bundy
Trumpet – Bach, Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Getzen
French Horn – Holton, Conn, Yamaha
Trombone – Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Bach,
Baritone or Euphonium – Yamaha, Jupiter, Besson
Tuba – Miraphone, Yamaha, Jupiter

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