Practice Room

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Piano Lab Meeting Structure

1. Music Theory Workbook Page(s)
2. Major & Minor Scale(s)
3. Sight Reading Exercise(s)
4. Ensemble Piece(s)
5. Piano Solo(s)
6. Piano Games/Review
Note Identification
Scale Identification
Piano Key Identification (select correct key on piano)
Piano Key Identification (select correct note)

Master Class: Practicing Correctly

Master Class: Wrist Movement

Master Class: Leaps & Position Changes

Music Selection

IMPORTANT: Your IGSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest pieces MUST be at least 22 measures long!

Free Piano Solos
Free Piano Duets

Video Library

Explore the video playlists below to find music you wish to play. I encourage you to select a variety of pieces with different of styles, tempos, keys, etc. The playlists are organized by level.

Level A1

Level A3

Level B1

Level B3

Level A2

Level A4

Level B2

Level B3 (continued)

Request A Piano Solo

Use the form below to request a piano solo. Be sure to include the TITLE (name of the song) and the COMPOSER (person who wrote the song).